Friday, February 7, 2014

Found Art Friday 141

Dear ones,
This week's found stuff is accidently  

in memoriam
Profiles of Stray Dogs of Sochi:  
Stanislav  - Security Detail
Aleksei - Electrician
"I got this whole place wired"
Oxana - Bartender
 Dimitry, Igor, Natalia, Fred  Landscaping
Svetlana - Ticket Sales
Vassilli and Max - Concrete and Masonry  
"My brother and I built this place from scratch"
 They didn't offer us any severance
"Now I would like to try dogsledding"

Freed Pussy Riot please sing for us !

After reading an article, The Art Ranger became stuck on the stray dogs of Sochi.  Since this story and its images were blocking the way of other thoughts, she had to honor the animals in this manner, as local workers - because dogs are support staff.
What is stuck in your head?
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  1. just got back from mtn biking with my support staff and his butt