Friday, February 28, 2014

Found art Friday 142

Dear ones,
Where were we? Swallowed temporarily by the underpinnings.  Now back to our post, seeking to notice art while out and about.
"Abstract" from Bonnie Hotz
She acknowledged the finger-in-the-way factor.  So Art Ranger decided to investigate the whole genre of such finger induced visual accidents in photography. But the search did not go as imagined.
something about how to tell when the sun will set - 
finger food?     or someone elses hangnails    
Cooking show anyone?
And that is all for today.  Besides this street corner encounter.
Whatsup fingerlings
Have yourselves a regular too-fast week and consider sending jpgs for the Art Ranger's quest to curate art of the everyday, folding random image finds into (a narrative moment) for your watching thinking pleasure/curiosity.  While procrastinating about doing your taxes, please catapult some images here: 

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