Friday, May 15, 2015

Found Art Friday 179

Dear Ones,
Found art Friday is actually alive and well when in storage.

Well, well, well  - what truths and happenstance have you seen in your being alive lately?

There is a curious new category developing which is:   

things stuck on cars that make us scratch our heads
At "the Farm" buying strawberries
We can hardly think of anything that has contributed quite as much to the zombification of america as FAST FOOD

Now some things found in Fort Ord - the most interesting military base re-use project (on earth - that we know of).
Bonnie Hotz in the Ord:  "yank my chain"
 A link or two alone can't do the job;  but when links unite and move freely they change the world through locomotion and the transference of energy.  No chain link is an island.
@ Ft. Ord Watson Gate:  please people don't be fools and cut down 40.000 trees near this site in order to build a horse track.
aged thing in living in back yard
That is all for now.  Please gift our inbox with your imagination any time:

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