Friday, June 12, 2015

Found Art Friday 180

Dear Ones,
Art Ranger has been "at large" and look what has befallen her inbox:
"Frank settled down out in the valley" Tom Waits song via Richard Anthony somewhere out in the valley
 You have that song in your consciousness whether you want it there or not.  You wanted to be a kids who climbs on rocks.
Even with this logjam of images in the world, the angle is still important. 

Lost treat sited by Art Ranger-Mother on the trail during Mountain bike State Championship race:
performance enhancing? bacon

We recently landed in a formerly lived-in city,  allowing us to park near this fossil-mashup-time-travel-instrument.  Not a hashtag, but a thin thin tape of spooled music that could often be repaired with a pencil.
we are lovers of technology changing
 then to find this in the parking garage.
Second cousin of Squashed Abandoned Glove
More next week - perhaps, though we will again be "at large"in our maternal homeland.  So friends, what has arrested your mind on the street or in your surround lately?  Homeland Inspiration doesn't just happen - you have to notice it  ;  please feed our mailbox a seeing snack soon:

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