Friday, March 25, 2016

Found Art Friday 197

Dear Ones,
How are our days?  We welcome your thoughts, as our own can seem drab like chewing gum too long.  In case you just stopped by The Department of Homeland Inspiration, what we do here is find found (art) and share it.  Contributing to the series, Moments in the World of Commerce:
Noted with a chuckle by Bonnie Hotz
We immediately would like some of that bread to tone our biceps.  And not some of these crackers:
Also captured by Bonnie:  "Nuf said on a triscuit box".
America so clever that it can roll out chemical knockoffs of its own sacred foods.  Heavens to Betsy what a pitiful redundancy right up there with "fat-free half and half".

Then, as an antidote in the same color palette, our friend and local correspondent Richard Anthony (also our sculpture brother) lassooed this:
Sincere and refreshing as far as presidential goes - we want to eat a can of sardines and brush our teeth with baking soda right now to celebrate

Now let us praise El Nino.  And please someone show us how to put the nice squiggley thing on top the small n, so El Nino looks legit.  This year, Art Ranger has been enjoying the moisture inside our noses and its corresponding visuals.
 Sweet Peas doing their vine thing! Probably dancing all night.
Each day, we notice new green moments that are made possible due to water and its lovely percolation.  Secret seeds and fungi spores have been camped out everywhere, waiting and waiting and waiting. 
Almonds for the first time  -  didn't know about the fuzz
Now mosses, tendrils (haven't even uttered the word in years) and tender new shoots are expressing themselves; luscious growth reminding us of the gifts of impermanence.
 A new study reports that even looking at a picture of green ness can de-stress us.  People -  brains should not be dry like jerky and that is why we continue to seek the art and the nectar residing in the everyday moment.  Please send yours to FAF@homeland

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  1. art & nectar...need...YES! You help fulfill that need!