Friday, April 1, 2016

Found Art Friday 198

Dear ones,
At times, Nature lets you nearly trip over her.  Where the Art Ranger lives is a regular human habitat with wild edges and buffer zones.  Yet, when this lays itself bare on the suburban woodchips, we are startled:
4/5ths of a 2 inch diameter snake
We would like to see the re-enactment. Who dropped it?  Glad that photographs allow us to capture a thing while not carrying it in our actual hand, or smelling it days later.

We do a bow to you
As beings who tune into the visual, do you notice anything special in the image below?

About three years ago our Offspring #2 (a.k.a. Eagle Eyes) zeroed in on something as we motored along our scenic-used-to-be rural highway.  Just feet from a wonky power meter on the edge of a small green golfy pond. 

High Voltage!
 In a moving instant, his eyes sifted out this:
The Villas Goose we named after her housing subdivision
For two Springs in a row (one skipped year) and now, we have enjoyed this drive-by nature vigilance. A brave mother weathering the highway (white noise?) atop a utility shed to soon come up with a flock of  fuzzy goslingsArt Ranger watches her for weeks like a mother friend would.  At first we thought so-exposed, not-wise, mom.  But then .... not so easy for the fox and here (she) is again!

proudly (watching?) the cars go by
We made eye contact, an agreement to share her secret very out in the open location only virtually with you who might appreciate. 


So many prime types of moments are unphotographable.  In order to share our wonder and admiration of this bird sitter, we had to go out of our way and approach the scene on foot.  No one walks along this road unless something has gone wrong.  Carbeings gave you that -oh pitiful you look. 

moments in fencing ensued
and of course the delerium of detritus
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  1. oh, I've never seen her - thanks! At first, I thought you were sharing a dead pigeon. Glad you walked around to the front! Ah, the delirium of detritus - we should form a group!