Friday, April 8, 2016

Found Art Friday 199

Dear ones,
Recently the Art Ranger's inbox was graced with two images from the Scholar of Pleasure.
This one became a painting by Agnes Martin to us even though it was "from the time of Sappho".
 Fresh from stepping upon the real Acropolis. Polis means people and that is all we remember from our Classics class at this moment.

Although they are
only breath, words
which I command
are immortal


She can command that. We forget that words are breath while they are just passing through us.

"like parchment, what do they do with the light they hold, outside the tree?"  Wonders
We feel their sound.

Everything else that day seemed so beige:
Remember when phones had a cradle?  Art Ranger is hearing her mother through the telephones of our life history.
We are joined at the hip and darned like socks by the loss of our mutual friend.  

Luckily to break up with beige, we had some sitings at the Goodwill in Haight Ashbury:
Composting pants outside the music store. It looked deliberate and cultivated.
Accidental Mark Rothko painting - inside bike jersey pocket

Please do send us some clues regarding your own homeland inspirations or travels: FAF@homeland       

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