Friday, May 12, 2017

Found Art Friday 226

Dear ones,
Alas and alack (a severe lack) of clothes upon the Emperor causes we the people to suffer whiplash as ridiculously insecure man continues to jerk himselfness upon the world recklessly.

Art Ranger is therefore even more committed to the Homeland Inspiration service of recognizing moments of visual interest and excellence right where you may find yourself. 
Here is a contribution from sculptor Nicki Sucec in Arroyo Grande, California:
  This immediately sifts us over to "Stir Your Stumps" the saying:
is it camo or code?
We highly recommend saying "Stir your stumps" with a Scottish accent.

While clearing our inbox that hasn't actually been cleared since 2008, we happily discard this photo:
Oh NO it's not! Gwyn but at least we now feel better about how our own hair ends.

The Bracelet Makers Bench

Wouldn't that be a good title for a novel? The bracelets  are custom concoctions that have meanings in lives like a flower arrangement. 
Loose ends meet up and tangle at night.
Gorgeous activism by Jan Lindenthal-Cox   fabulous mother and career woman extraordinaire

As the card we brought home from the book fair says we must:
some great people from Minnesota were present.

Indeed - we try to take our heart with us wherever we go.  See some found Art along the way? Please do send it to Art Ranger's Found Art hotline here:

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  1. Yes, carrying our hearts with us where ever we go and hoping they can tame and soften the insanity and inspire clarity of pure thought not driven by ego and ambition. Oh to be the baby woodpecker living in the hole in our tree, eating bugs and peeping mightily.