Saturday, May 26, 2018

Found Art Friday 258

Dear ones,
How are your days of May?  Ours causes muchos sneezes.  Forgive us for getting elaborate and off kilter once again.
as we spill of ourselves
 Artists are absorptive of the (now), and then they must squeeze it out through themselves the way others use a mop or sponge.
irrational exuberance
As our nation continues to fall down the stairs and bump its head on each step as it bumbles, we loop back to an eight year old project about the Financial Crash: the images align quite swimmingly.

Humpty Dumpty
All the kings horses arses
the heist
the foreclosed or otherwise stepped on, used or very nervous puppets and pawns
not together again
As the spin aggravates the weary and activates the teary
Insanely in the throes of trolling, while heads are rolling, perhaps soon choking on its own steak
As blogging has become part of our craft, like needle and thread to our sculpture of words, we think about art and technology nearly every day. This essay is the best lately from Nick Carr : You are a data mine: we all are:
Chairman of the Fed
" Tech humanism fails to address the root cause of the tech backlash: the fact that a small handful of corporations own our digital lives and strip-mine them for profit. This is a fundamentally political and collective issue."

 Pray tell of your findings, to

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