Friday, June 1, 2018

Found Art Friday 259

Dear ones,
Can you imagine? Good then - let's.  Our teacher says: "listen to your own heartbeat - can you? Here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration, our duty is to fall off the treadmill and get scraped on the sides about (it).  About what?  Art Ranger cares to fuss about the surround that surrounds us, the drag of the body stuck in its skin with eyeballs while meeting up with a physical world, an internal world. 
 Abandoned Glove goes to Party City and has Tea with the Queen
  We should look up more often.  It would be good for our posture.
After (still and forever) sorting the contents of the parentals 48 years of suburban home, we saved a few Time - LIFE magazines (previously saved by Dad); Lunar Landings, JFK moments and the like.  Here's a (WOW) full page ad from 1969.
50 years ago.  What an outrageously successful campaign!
From FRACK AGE - one of the triplets, Fructose, Glucose, and Sucrose
While trying to not listen to the TV we accidentally heard about Otezla and Truida, Feebeezla, Zestril, Ostolap and Wagadoo, which can all seem to fix one affliction while causing a different thing that will need fixing.  What has found you? or confounded or astounded you?  Send to:

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