Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big Useful Birds

Many of you also care deeply about where your food comes from. Our family commitment to such as led us to the journey of suburban chicken farming. Almost a naive and pastoral vision we are trying to muster from our .78 of an acre sized property, yet one we could realize. The artist acquired the job of chicken artitexture, as a typo that was savored while needing to wrangle together some poultry housing for three quickly-growing-out-of cardboard-box chickens who would be teenagers in about a week. Artranger had to dig deep and get hands-on about this. Luckily, her first survival job out of college was as an apprentice carpenter in the winter in Maine, which caused a lot of those smashed fingernails with blood blisters under them.(Another story). Anyhow, for quite a few weeks, she used all her previous sculpture building experience and husband/wife tool collection in order to secure the domain.

Why chickens are my best clients ever:

no meetings
no architectural review board
no engineers
not even any plans
scraps welcome
old windows, used hinges
miscellaneous hardware, use it please
Color is fine, not color is fine
dollhouse cuteness matching main house unnecessary
yet people do
discerning yet accepting creatures
whose eyes don’t really blink
just poke through you
These big useful birds use all the stuff
you built to shit on
In fact sit and shit are one and the same for them
anywhere anytime any surface
Baked on with feathers, a custom patina
And the oil in the skin of their feet
smooths all the wood
Their rototiller legs provide free gardening service
Self sharpening claws do their own pedicures
And Chickens as the ideal clients
devour bugs dead or alive in one clear swift
motion worthy of a martial arts swordmaster
by living to eat and eating to live
They know exactly what they want
Always with reasonable expectations
And all they need for a bathtub is a self-dug bowl of dirt

new nest boxes built during bloggerlady's moments of technological snafu

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