Monday, January 11, 2010


Welcome to the Department of Homeland Inspiration!
This is the inauguration of Art Ranger sharing her findings, situated on the edge of a lettuce bowl seriously surrounded by salad here in Salinas, California. Over time, a series of slow-baked essays have been accumulating on postit notes and the backs of envelopes amidst the swirl of Mother Artist sensations.  Much like the dog worries a bone, she has carefully unraveled and digested her various subjects.  Fittingly, the word essay comes from the French essai, or “to try" and she is now ready to serve you up some of these rantings/ writings in the form of "posts". You are encouraged to tune in, feedback, pass it on, etc.

Some of Art Ranger's pet subjects are:
Accidental Art
Brain Theory
Treehugger , of course
and other Elephants in the Room 
Cheers! to you and your own Homeland Inspirations
Melissa Smedley - Artist At Large


  1. Melissa most dearest, love the view and the unicycle ramp-o-matica. Suddenly hungry for an omlette seasoned with chorizo and a side of black beans. Salvation awaits...

  2. My new favorito blog! Especially the chicken poem and unicycle video, which I forwarded to a unicycling friend. Blog on, Art Ranger!
    Diane (who doesn't know what all those profile options are or how to work them)