Thursday, January 14, 2010

Found Art Friday

The Department of Homeland Inpisration Welcomes you to Found Art Friday
Rather than go out to some dang artwalk in some town and park your car in the dark and drink some bad wine and see some maybe art and have maybe one good conversation, if you're lucky, you can join Art Ranger in identifying some art in your immediate environment. Here is some that we have collected in photo form. Feel free to contribute yourself as images may arise:


  1. how do we post a photo to here? It's MLK monday - do we have to wait 'til Friday?

  2. I believe you can post any day and so go ahead

  3. In order to share pictures for Found Art Friday
    Please e-mail them to me: and I can then post them on the community aggregate(favorite word of the week) of Found Art. Thanks!