Friday, May 14, 2010

Found Art Friday 16

Blogoring along, first I want to share some favorite quotes from this week's information universe (remember when they called it a highway).
1. Martha Stewart being interviewed by Deborah Solomon in the Sunday NY Times Magazine: Do you blame the S.E.C. for your ordeal? ... " I cannot spend my time holding grudges. I could be crazy right now, O.K.? But I am not".

On to the images of the Found Art Friday Variety
. The cliche "a picture is worth a thousand words" speaks to Art Ranger. It saves a lot of keyboard work. Then there is that whole other happening when words are put next to images or inside of images:

Little Gamin Gott was checking her mail, longing for a letter

I will if you will

A man leaves his computer on the roof of his car and drives off. His laptop ends up on the Golden Gate bridge for a day of commuting. And lastly, in conjunction with Wednesday's post with correspondent, Lettuce Pray:
2. directly from BP 's website concerning their "response to the Gulf": "they are progressing options to stop the flow of oil through interventions via the blow out preventer (BOP)" The Ranger is struck by the irony in the name of this imaginary tool they've not created. "preventer"? That ship sailed as they say. ((If they even slightly believed themselves, they'd call it a Blow Out Preventer, or perhaps a Stopper)).
1) Art Ranger in San Diego, from the "Delivery Vehicle" series
2) Pet Silly
3) , 4) Jim Lindenthal
5) Tom Mescall (data recovered)

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  1. That truck IS a piece of art!
    Martha Stewart - great quote! But, I am not.

    Thanks for the photos, ideas...... Mel.

    Please make more videos!!!!!!

    I just figured out that I wasn't opening these - just looking at found art friday, so sorry. Need to catch up - what's new......