Friday, May 21, 2010

Found Art Friday 17

Surrogate of Cynthia

Okay Blogorifics, thank you for checking in at Department of H. I. ! We were looking for a portrait of "Cynthia", the new single-celled organism, whose parent was a computer. She arrived in the news this week, but so far they seem to be keeping her away from the Paparazzi. This brought on a brief micro-organism appreciation search: Face it! - you and google are in love too! How in the world could one build sculpture as great as those forms? This is why we keep seeking out the sometimes futile seeming practice of Art.

Just when the Ranger thinks that the world is drab or used up or she's lost sleep over ten mile long and three mile wide plumes of oil in the Gulf evergushing. Then other beings in the world come through:

From Dear Aunt Madge, a favorite title:

Summer reading list? Our son believes in the "Idiocracy" that he downloaded/uploaded to his I-Touch. "Welcome to Costco, I love you" he repeats. (And we hadn't heard the L word from him in a while).

This FAF Found on a walk by a friend living in Oakland:

Ba humbugger, and yet the irony does speak, says Art Ranger.
A tad of this going on here?: "Artist" mantra is a heavy mantle, sometimes. Many artists nowadays trying hard to resist the stereotype of being sanity challenged or being so identity-enclosed. Picasso himself - would he even be that arrogant? Related to this subject, see Art Ranger's foundational essay "Why Art Thou" by scrolling down to "Pages".

Same friend collects this image, where a gallerist in Bay Area who uses shape of hole in wall as inspiration for doorway. Chances are that this business person committed an artistic act without caring if he or she were "an artist".

Go forth and multi-task my friends, and find some art along the way!

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