Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lettuce Pray Speaketh

Local Locavore Lettuce Pray has this to say:

We have an important and slightly uplifting environmental message for you!

Recently, we got our hair severed at Oasis Salon in Salinas. They have been collecting clients' hair for months for an inventive enterprise that uses discarded hair from all over the world to create mats that help sop up oil spills. (You know how hair soaks up anything we give it).
This news temporarily helped us to stop wringing our hands or prematurely pick our own leaves while we mourned the Gulf of wild losses underway. ((Finefolks, can you fathom this BPrig thing? !!!!!!!!! And they aren't even pretending they know what to do or ever will know what to do about it. Maybe some little dinner napkins and bubblegum and shoeleather or flipflops mixed with licorice will plug the gusher. As recently as yesterday, we heard on the radio something about trying to plug the hole with random sounding items and some GOLF BALLS! OMG)) PLUG BABY PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please baby - Get me a holy in one - or perhaps the Department of Homeland ______ will come offer some duct tape assistance. More (toothbreaking) food for thought. While reading in MarketWatch about the hair mats, a reader comments: Hay works much better. It's easier to come by. It's easier to spread. And it's easier to gather up once it has absorbed the oil. The fishing boats that are stuck in port can use their nets to gather all the oil soaked hay. That puts them to work. Bp can pay them for their time and for new nets. Companies that make fishing nets will see a surge in demand to replace oil damaged nets..."
But Lettuce Pray has to think about the amount of tractor fuel involved in "making hay" and probably even how the helpful hair mats are one tiny whisker in a blobulous overstepping of human earthpresence. We, as a vegetable, do enjoy our oil and vinegar dresses, but this spill seems/seams a disaster of first world order which could remind us of distasteful disasters (we usually have done on "third world" countries).
Oh me oh my ... Let's all Rise Up and sigh all at the same time ..... and perhaps shave our heads in honor of an endangered Kemps Ridley sea turtle.
Peace Somehow!

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