Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear Visitors,

A confluence of interest in environmental sanity and art practice passionata* has lately led Art Ranger to some interesting websites and blogs. How long is your "bookmark this page" list? How many of those sites that you liked for five minutes will you ever go back to?

While procrastinating and enriching the art of proposal writing,

we found this:

which was complemented by this:

During the aforementioned TVOilspill Insomniac arrest:

While designing a sculpture assignment about wood:

One thing led to another: Go Maarten Vanden Eynde! A wonderful artist from the Netherlands who we had never heard of.

Then this: which allows Art Ranger to learn about all kinds of new music that isn't too pre-chewed or corporately drowned.

And a glimpse of a photo of Ranger's facial gravity gatherings (brang) us this:

May you too have a slaphappy moment!

*Passionata = the collection of and attempt to share such moments of inspiration

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