Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ranger on the Range

We are happy to report that after a six-month review, The Department of Homeland Inspiration has extended Art Ranger’s position through year-end. A stipulation of her contract orders replenishment in the form of Summer Sabbatical. The Ranger must be offline from now through August 15th.

During this time, we could be:

1) Mothering extra hours.

2) Home on the Range having 20th wedding anniversary with boy who fixed her bike tire and enjoyed beer and peanuts at random picnic tables while cycling across America in 1984.

3) On location, “shooting” a tiny history movie with Fanny and Freddie, Humpty Dumpty and Gold Man Sacks.

4) Documenting “I want my life back” BP CEO’s forehead

5) Founding more art or Art or ART

For which it stands

or upsidedowns

Art Ranger’s Job description:

Principles Of Percolation Determination

Question Everything

Settle on something

Don’t let go

Then do

Keep heart sewn into eyeballs

Move about in world

And back on earth

And in your own backyard

Mind and back

With goosebump attention

Notice everything and then

Just make something up

And don’t stop

Draw, cut

Paste, break






And do it again, at least three times

Until (somehow) just right

Or just wrong enough

To actually say something

And say it the way you see it

And see it change

As you say it

! Never Fear Art Ranger is Here !

(she couldn't resist)

May your summer vegetables grow sturdy. May your loves flow amply.

Ranger thanks you heartily for your visits and participation. We hope you will rejoin us after the replenishment!

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