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Recently passed in the world of "Art" was sculptor, Louise Bourgeois, who was 98 years old.
Ranger admires the physical constructions, the daring eccentric shamanistic touch that this French born American artist gave us. An exalted pessimism, a bald weirdness.
In her honor, Art Ranger has gleaned for you some passages from:
(Louise Bourgeois: DESTRUCTION OF THE FATHER, RECONSTRUCTION OF THE FATHER,WRITINGS AND INTERVIEWS 1923-1997, The MIT press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1998.)
Select Diary notes
27 August 1984
I love all artists and I understand them(flock of deaf mutes in subway). They are my family and their existence keeps me from being lonely.
To be an artist is a guarantee to your fellow humans that the wear and and tear of living will not let you become a murderer. God invented art (including all forms) as a regulating device, as a survival device. Audience is bullshit, unnecessary. Communication is rare; art is a language, like the Chinese language. Who gets it? The deaf mutes in the subway. Reconciliation is the sweetest feeling.

From : Meanings, Materials, and Milieu - Reflections of Recent Work by Louise Bourgeois: from an Interview with Robert Storr
I've never mentioned the word dream in discussing my art, while they talked about the dream all the time. I don't dream. You might say I work under a spell. I have the privilege of being able to enter the spell, to enter this very arid land where you are likely to find your birthright. In the spell I can express myself.


Art comes from life. Art comes from the problem you have in seducing birds, men, snakes - anything you want. It's like a Corneille tragedy, where everybody is pursuing somebody else. You like A and A likes D. And D likes ... Being a daughter of Voltaire and having an education in the eighteenth century rationalists, I believe that if you work enough, the world is going to get better. If I work like a dog on all these contraptions, I'm going to get the bird I want ... {yet} the end result is rather negative. That's why I keep going. The resolution never appears; it's like a mirage. I do not get the satisfaction - otherwise I would stop and be happy.

Thank you Louise for that and so much more.

After sending the blank (you fill) post, it made me stop to acknowledge my own father's passing six summers ago. And how it is good to make it feel fresh and to see how present he can be as a trickster in my life at times. One more visit left to Homeland Inspiration left before Art arrangers summer sabbatical bloggrant

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