Friday, December 7, 2012

Found Art Friday 105

Dear ones,
Today has found it's Friday in the bottom of a cup.
Richard Piscuskas on the job site, "Serpent Found
And even more amazing are the words he said about it:
 This all began as a cup of water in which a 1" chip brush I used for spreading glue on a cabinet had been saved for the next day by total immersion.
On that next day I needed to dump an excess of glue that the brush was holding, so I pressed it against the lip of the cup.
The glue did its dripping down and the serpent dis its slurping up, birthed all on his own,
ready to sip to its morphing content of the hospitable grey water.
Bless those serpents
for they are often thirsty and know not from whence
to satiate that thirst. 
Until they are born
While waiting, not dashing around, Bonnie Hotz witnessed this in Salinas
Ranger's son in passenger seat, early evening
leaving the schoolgrounds

And from friend in the Bay Area, "pseudo street signs"

Well, recently, the algorythms at Google Blogger alerted the Art Ranger that she has used up her amount of free images to be hosted by their service. She now owes them $2.99 a month in order to Maintain the Department of Homeland Inspiration Archives. Plus they see that we haven't put up any advertisements ... Have you been reading about how much energy it takes our cloud to exist?  Anyway, we will probably continue pursuing this small contribution to the images detritus and maybe some day add a book list off to the side. Please send us yours:

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