Friday, December 21, 2012

Found Art Friday 107, bare root pain

Dear Ones,
Moments of silence could never be big enough for the sad horrific America-gone-toxic event of last week. Going to sleep with this perversely chilling episode in our minds, the funeral bells of six year old children and their teachers.  What's the world coming to?  Despite many of our good intentions.  
NOW cut it out we're GONNA TRY AND SHIFT GEARS unlike the shiny seamless botoxical newsmans ...
And carry on with our story of images:
Because of what day is near, we have collected some moments in commerce:
 Parked Her Car for Lunch:  "If you say so" said she to the window.  It's not looking too mosaic-like quite yet.
#2  The new Mascot for FEDEX.  Okay, really?  Your package arrives courtesy of a frog with a mushroom chef hat?  Impulse buy area for Alice in Wonderland?  Suddenly, we don't feel like we're at a Fedex Kinkos store, but maybe the Whackamole Booth at the county fair after having eaten something fried with powdered sugar on it. 
#3)  Moment of profound non-art.  Amount of packaging used to send the Art Ranger two pair of socks.  Gosh!
# 4,  Proud moment in world of commerce.  A hand-made shopping bag made by art store employees

Now we shift themes again: BLESSED BE THE SOLSTICE - a few things just are, no matter what we humans are doing on the surface.

Frost Painting 1

And even on the day of the year with the least amount of day, Hidey our 4 yr. old chicken, aims to lay a magic egg.

Big Useful Bird doing her job
And a most lovely shade of red

Wishing you well over your holidays and beyond .... when in doubt, take a little picture. Even then, you can't be sure.

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