Friday, December 14, 2012

Found Art Friday 106

Dear Citizens of the Blogoshpere,
Have you had a disgustingly busy day? Here are the findings that we almost forgot to share due to the unrelaxing time of year.  Alas ......
"Sea creature needs a break" witnessed by Normi Burke and her dog, Lucky.  

This made Art Ranger pine for a repeek of an offering from 2010: 
"Park Bench Mickey", all the way from Caracas, Venezuela courtesy of Gary Ghirardi
That same day, she is reminded of a Salinas classic
Just to keep paying homage to stuffed things and give a new twist and optimistic squeeze to the Holiday spirit, we had to commit the radical act of stopping the car to celebrate motel phonebooth pride.
I hope they are going to say "I love you" a lot in there and send $$. 
Peace out youall, and don't let the neck ache get a grip on you.

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