Friday, January 9, 2015

Found Art Friday 165

Dear All,
Welcome to The Art Ranger's 5th year of service at the Department of Homeland Inspiration. As we keep on bloggin' what you see here is Art Ranger's version of "news" sifted from the quirk of daily life - images that lean in toward "art".  In fact, would you be interested in becoming a local correspondent this year?  We are not Instagram, though I love their font.  The Art Ranger's wish is to dish up some thoughtograms with your contributed images as a the starting rue.
What's left of last year's Audobon "planner"
 Okay, it is 2015 and that is an odd year.
About the overwrought generally grossed-out nature of our country and its internal and global afflictions, we aren't going to can those worms right now.  BUT WE ARE SO SORRY THAT CARTOONISTS AND JOURNALISTS ARE GETTING THEIR HEADS SEVERED OR BLOWN OFF just for working to root out unstoppable truths.
We will look at it again in March, then May

meanwhile, we must eat to live
What platform are you on? And what if all those platforms give way underneath us?  It is worrisome how much we enjoy using and receiving those emojis. What sort of verbalizing are we letting them herd up for us?
please connect the dots
A walk around the block, down the street from "It's about Time" Clock shop
So what are your attentiveness findings from the neighborhood? or revelations in travel?  Say hello and send pictures to:

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