Friday, January 30, 2015

Found art Friday 167

Dear Ones,
Because you are.  This week's found art involves re-use as opposed to refuse:
Cork Car, as captured by Richard Anthony

 And an also patiently repetitious find:

Witnessed by Friend-in-the-bay-area.  Made using BART tickets, by someone named Sean Porter

Watching windows different than washing windows

At Stop Sign
Art Ranger experiences a recurrence of the Squashed abandoned Glove - perhaps a result of worker fatigue left on the tailgate. A shell that has been shed, by accident or on purpose. 
And the ever cracked paint pavement detritus collages we travel.
Peaceful Bike Ride
Have a great week and !!!!!  please ask rain gods to come back and dance!!!!!  Send your visual moments that don't fit in any other category except this to:

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