Friday, January 23, 2015

Found Art Friday 166

Dear ones,
The Art Ranger was again At large and away from her desk performing a delivery. There was a foggy road that ate the landscape.  Music streams now, it used to feel so deliberate to choose and put in a CD (or record album). With physical actions removed, it's as though music is just coming out of your head.  Upon her return, first there was a bath of skies:
(some typos are worth keeping)
Two witnessed by Susan Needleman in Corral de Tierra
And "Thru Sunglasses" from Bonnie Hotz
Then arrived from Friend of a Friend (a great new category),
both connoisseurs and practitioners of Crack Gardening.  First brought to our attention by Diane Gage and Anne Mudge in about 2003 when we were in a show together.

From Karen Glenn via Diane Gage, producer of  "Poem of the Week" a kind of service
So you all?  What of visual note or quirk has occurred in the space between your sky and ground lately?  Please let us know at

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