Friday, November 4, 2016

Found Art Friday 212

Dear ones,
Just a few more days now. Stay calm, can we?  How could the spin spin more farcical the madefortv tweety sadslapstick movie of ourselves? Fanning the flames of our dollar-fueled gladiator machine.

From Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo" - have you seen it?  A beautiful essay about hubris.

 Friend in the Bay Area sends this from a visit to an "alternative art space".  Framed and Valorized, a chemically aged time map for the building and its complexion.

Friend in the Bay area also saw this:
Yard Art - Oakland area

(Inspiring) Yard Art sign
Oftentimes, the Art Ranger has run out of "storage" on her photographic device that she did not start this blog with.  When she goes a deleting along, it's an accidental a voyage back in recent time and texture, a form of memory stored elsewhere than your brain. Not that many people take pictures of squashed gum and such. Here's today's catch:
While taking time off from teaching, gladly a mouse put to use the contents of the Art Ranger's work in a drawer
Nothing could put things in better perspective, the practice of teaching; you want your contents to be used somehow, if not to build a nest, then to feed someone.

We hope that you may soon be pleasantly surprised by your own homeland world and send evidence to:

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