Friday, November 11, 2016

Found Art Friday 213

Dear Ones,
As you might imagine, we have been severely highjacked again by an irrepressible urge to rant
while searching between the ears for remnants of the Homeland Inspiration Espiritu.
How is your emotional hangover? The what just happened? Numbness. 
We’re agape aghast and our PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the flag’s at half mast
Blindsided, horrified, gut-punched and wounded.
Never before, have we taken it so personally, so physiologically, and never before has it felt like a national time of mourning and dissolution along with disillusion.
 The day after, we find ourselves out by the mailbox pulling weeds in the fog, trying to root out the sadness and face it head on while admiring our Yes on Z  lawn sign.  Yes, the Citizens Initiative in Monterey County to ban fracking was a success! We fended off a $5.5 Million dollar+ blitz of loathsome lies plastered upon us by the oil and gas industry giants.
Fie on you Mr Gas Pants!

We sort out thoughts like weeds and save some seeds. Watching the last cartoon gasp of white imperial dominance flaming itself out.  Woman-with-too-much-baggage overtaken by the monstrosity we’ve created. We (we)(they) (just who is they?) watched, (we) ate it up and allowed ourselves to be devoured.
WHITE WOMEN?  Huh? Wow ladies, how could you??? ? Of all people, acting out of fear
instead of love. Now do you feel “safe”?  Maybe you are still mad about the cookies?  Did you feel threatened by a woman who is that intelligent and composed? Are all ya’ll so beaten up that you need this man like a pimp?  What gives?  Evidently not pride or support.  Well gals, do you know what you signed up for?  Do you know what bus ride you just got on?  Is your amnesia that deep?  Go on back to sleep now with the TRUMPsteak over your eyes.

Where are the crumbs?  How do we find our way back home?
 ONE NATION (wait  - is this the problem?)
Poles of the polarity stretched so deep that we’re melting the ice caps in double double time. Tickle, trickle drip drip the venom, a different kind of waterboarding the election cycle was.   
As the woman on the spin cycle next to us said, “I feel so stressed, I feel like it’s Christmas”  Out of breath, we commiserated the civil discourse come unhinged.  
Offspring #2 having trouble concentrating on his Government textbook

Though it appears that the country ached/voted for change, what they’ve demonstrated instead is fear of change.  And that is change that has already happened.  We are peopled here with a multi-cultural and creative earth-loving intelligence.  Huge steel mills aren't coming back. The "change" they voted for is really the worst of the "more-of-the-sames", such as misogyny, and trickle (not at all) down economics.
Could we send him to outer space to watch climate change happen?

(I'm so going to miss Obama's relaxed smile despite how arduous it has been) 
 We must hand it to hand it to the Donald for manning the communication waves.  He managed to be somehow fascinatingly repulsive.  A sort of Jabba the Hut of a pre-roasted, angrysickballsack thing. A cotton candy topped greed-based narcissist, snake oil salesman who achieved brand recognition, suspense and terror while barely spending a dime.  Bombarding the bullyism upon those with weakened understandings (or something).  And the ever devouring piranha of his lips, mangling civility as he went. All twittered and frittered and fried into indigestible lumps of negativity.

Oh ELECTORAL COLLEGE vote - despite his propagandizing to the disenchanted, the "blue collar" left-behinds, it's the ELECTORAL COLLEGE (drafted in the 1880s) that clinched it.  Now looking like an obscure, elitist, collegey, fake, complicated, obfuscated Credit Default Swap.  
one nation(?) indivisible, with liberty and (justice) for all."



--> WITH LIBERTY(surveillance) AND (JUSTICE) FOR ALL (some) 

Now they talk of (the wall) as not a real wall you know, but a system.  The Trump con/ card worked.  We are at the Casino now and we’re pretty sure that we know what is going to happen.

Whoah. Feeling freighted with the weighted.  As the offspring says: "Stop talking mom!" 

Breathe breathe breathe – locate your your chi ball in the rubble and confusion and we attempt to stoke it with some rays of hope.  Breathe all the way into your bones, and give yourself extra oxygen these days.  And as  Bob NO WOMAN NO CRY Marley said,
(observing the ypocrites)
ALONG THE WAY   .........
It's their art and music and writings and hope and humor that are going to get us through.


  1. Most excellent. This is the best you have ever written. I am tired and visibly sad. I kept saying he (who will NEVER be my President) would steal this election. I have always loved Hillary but somehow her strength, honesty, morality, intelligence, experience, her being a woman offends. YES I agree: WHAT THE *&$#@%&* JUST HAPPENED? Yes, breathe now because in 4 years the air will not be as clean.

  2. I agree, best wordage yet. Glad you put it out here/there...and everywhere. Hope you're out right now taking a breather.

  3. Melissa... yes. yes. yes. damn it.

  4. Nailed it! So powerful my friend. Keep writing! Keep it comin' We will need every voice, No one will progress unless ALL of us progress! WHITE FEAR of BLACK BODIES and IMMIGRATION-OTHER, must be dismantled.

  5. Absolutely - evidently white ladies need their heads examined most of all and need to read "Citizen" while they're at it.

  6. Melissa, this is spectacular. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to reconnecting in January. Keep up the good work and keep writing!-Tracy

    1. Pass it on! Thanks for getting things rolling on the March.