Friday, November 18, 2016

Found Art Friday 214

Dear Ones,
How are you? The Art Ranger realizes now how much she actually values the concept of nationhood and still has ideals and high expectations for how it should be. Our community feels strengthened in some ways, clarified as we see what threads to pick up.  A poet friend and Found Art Friday appreciator Diane Gage, called herself "highly discombobulated" this week.  Those words stick on fork so accurately. Yes -  poetess touched the nerve with her Gage gauge.
Unlike some nightmares, you wake up in the middle of the night and the situation doesn't dissipate in the morning,
Unmoored, we sail into a frightening yonder.
We didn't believe that it meant the same thing to everyone, but we did believe and we do believe in most of our constitution, if we could just do it with empathy and love.  OM om om om om ommmmmm...... insert Bone Breathing........ ....... .......

Wise sentiments heard in auditory form from writer Isabel Wilkerson, How our country is now like an old house.  And we are going to have to look at what is in the basement that needs attending to.  The stuff in there is not going away (paraphrasing). Dang - the old house needs a lot of work!
Crosswalk siting - ouch the bruises, no arms and legs, fun colors though

Artist At Large who Teaches, despite being "highly discombobulated", can report that the students still make the endeavor worthwhile.
OPERATION OBJECT APPRECIATION cardboard sculptures casual coffee shop moment

 Tampon Grounding Event by Monica Mata
 East coast (local) correspondent, Julie Regan, observes a patch of sky revealing the
True Color of leaves 
At rest, when they are no longer hungry to produce chlorophyll       -     phew
 producing more space for limited light
Maybe it is hormonal, our world.

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