Saturday, April 6, 2019

Found Art Friday 279

Dear ones,
Simply this, we are still momentarily captivated by the lush, exuberant version of Spriiiiing, and you?  What near you? has metamorphosed, unfurled, fragrantly, lilted along by water and weather and will to walk?

Doesn't it get tedious to be inside ones own head? (for anyone), and that is why there is art, allowing us entry into another one's mind, another's expression session, sometimes from a different century, sometimes a different neighborhood or body:
@dianegage, a poet known for "crack gardening"

Today, we feature some words and images by Diane Gage, both a poet/artist, and purveyor of poems to others.  While (nearly weekly) Art Ranger furnishes found art to the Department of Homeland Inspiration, Diane writes and/or sifts poems, punctually e shared on Sunday, for what moment she finds it is.  Whole books creak shut by comparison.
Examples of Haiku falling out of her constantly:
small Perturbations
in the alyssum -tiny
finches are feasting

in balmy spring air
my edges soften and blur
this sweet world - c'est moi
Poetry should seep in, we agree and thank Diane for enlivening it regularly.
every inch acts extraordinary
Oak blossoms unseen ever this vibrant, teaming ... bee haven smell emporium
Yes, tadpoles! at Watershed Prayer Station
  Please consider writing/recording your own haiku which will fit on a postit note:
"In haiku, I stick to the American haiku form - 3 lines, 5/7/5 syllable pattern - since I live in a 50s neighborhood and all and that’s when American haiku took root.  There are purists who disapprove, but . . . I persist."  says Diane Gage, featured.
Art Ranger signing off now, as our font has gone bonkers and google won't listen because it's gotten too big for its ears. We hope you can find bits of poetry in your multi threaded day and that you may
accidentally compose a haiku while driving or brushing your teeth:

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