Friday, April 12, 2019

Found Art Friday 280

Dear ones,
It is actually possible for humans and "nature" (what we call this broad array of things that are not us) to collaborate. We are proud to report this amazing to witness, work project led by our earth steward spouse: Owl Box webcam  
boxes at landfill serve positive purpose for the birds as well as the humans: More about the project
It has been a privilege (that feels slightly odd) to experience this portal into another creature's equivalent of a womb, as well as bird couple/partnership and functioning "web of life" vector. Over the last month, we have observed eating, pooping, pelletizing, preening, and (uh lots) more mating, as well as a kind of boredom fidgeting.  It's impossible not to love this mama as she does her careful and important work. 
Today, she literally got up to stretch her legs in a yoga ish manner, then reassembled and distributed herself atop the brood

Open Space is the place!
Trail hugger
Noticing that we are nature, should help us take care of her.

Micro Greens by Gentleman Jeff.  We would like to mow it the way any ruminant animal would
As another Earth Day approaches, the 49th,  we re-admire and re-read passages by writer and biologist, Rachel Carson.  Good Heavens! Did you know we even named our cat after her?
Rachel Carson, survivor of accidental chemical poisoning, frequent studio assistant
Through our shared admiration/ obsession with Rachel Carson, Art Ranger loves this blog by Maria Popova, writer, cultural critic, and arranger of art works by others: such as this collaboration spawned from Carson's bird notation notebooks. 
From the series: Keeping an eye on things
Work in Process - A Mash-up
note found in studio  -  hmmm   
Back to where we started.  Molecular levels.  Keeping an eye on things.  Art and activism clapping their hands together.  And any revelations by you will be embraced, wondered over:

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