Monday, March 15, 2010

Art Ranger attends virtual conference

This week, Art Ranger a.k.a. Melissa Smedley is participating in an online conference celebrating the work of two New York (worldwide) artists: Arakawa and Madeline Gins. Madeline is an extraordinary poet. Arakawa started out as a painter. They were "Post-Modern" even before modernism posted. For nearly fifty years, they have been collaborating, philosophizing, stretching, writing, re-inventing architecture etc. I've never seen such literally and completely "off the wall" art, and yet their work has appeared in major major museums and publications, even The Wall Street Journal. Most importantly, we think it is very inspiring (head scratchingly so) and often quite humorous. Below are some links to the conference. In order to see more than the abstracts, you must be brave enough to register for the conference and log in.
Here is where you start.
Highly recommended introduction to Arakawa and Gins work: : Melissa's paper, "Getting Traction" : This is where a 2 min 30 second sound/image video resides
Baby Mac, our first computer who taught Art Ranger how to write

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