Friday, March 5, 2010

Found Art Friday 7

Welcome to Found Art Friday: Art Ranger is right this minute in her homeland of Colorado, breathing in air at 11,000 ft. rather than touching computers, but she has prepared some findings for you. If you have sent things not yet seen, the ranger is probably savoring and waiting for proper post moment.
Here dear Aunt Madge, from the aforementioned motherland, captured this wall (beautiful recycling!) from "Tinker Town", New Mexico. A perfect road side attraction filled with imagination and found objects!

What follows is a series brought forth by Robin Brailsford, public artist/inventor. Not only do you folks find art, but art finds you because you are paying attention. Themes cycle around and hit you again, differently over the decades. She's got made-and-got-paid, found, captured, and re-imagined. Her images span from 1975 - last week.

From 1975, collaboration with Ruth Huggler while in school

Commission now residing atop a building in L.A. (Does your idea have legs?)

Please check out Robin's link:

And to further the Lip Service series, I give you a nudge as to last week's retired public official soon to be starring in a Tiny Movie (or Tubey Novella) from HomelandInspiration Studios:

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