Friday, March 19, 2010

Found Art Friday 9

Dear Blogofolk, people who click on this, of all things: here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, Bloggerlady recently erased all her formatting (in 3 seconds) and may or may not do anything about it because trying to get helpforum from DarkUFO was just not fun. This week's Found Art Friday has gathered itself into the tween to middleschool boy saying: "That's so random"

Sportmama shares this one:
Unused space under a freeway, claimed, designed and constructed by skateryouth in San Diego. A marvel in creative urban overlap. Goes really well with the "perceptual landing sites" of the conference Art Ranger has been attending to this week:

Art Ranger's boy doing something more interesting than usual with his cellophone

Arrived, via words this time, a lovely Found-on-Purpose Haiku by Diane Gage of San Diego who pulls these out of the air while on walks in her neighborhood:

the deep burgundy rose’s bass viol scent sends me to earth heaven

scuttling along a wall, a baby possum in daylight - where’s Mom?

And Speaking of mom, same Diane came across this: live webcam documenting an important job being done.
Now this is why we must all pay attention to our privacy settings. A random genuine search for information on Posion Oak, vs. spider bite on arm brings us this.

which accidently leads us to this:

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