Friday, March 26, 2010

Found Art Friday Ten

Welcome to Found Art Friday at the Department of Homeland Inspiration.

How could Bonnie Hotz find two such accidently-belonging-together photos?

For Richard in L.A., Close up on roots and concrete walkway make-a-dance Love This causes ArtRanger to check up on her flexible friend in the backyard.

Also from Richard in L.A.:

Which reminds Ranger of another kind of Faith Plating:

Cindy Zimmerman currently of Salina, Kansas
"Thunderstorm approaching our back yard: Mr. Imagination and Hippie Jimmie across from Peace Garden"

Looks good next to Art Ranger's backyard in Salinas, California.
Now we'd like to share with you our new cellphone design. One that cushions and explodes on impact, unlike the current hard thing that caused a rectangular bruise on Ranger's posterior when she was bucked off her bicycle this week.
Lets ring out hope for health and its care being fair.

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