Friday, October 1, 2010

Found Art Friday 24

Glad you don't have that too?

Welcome to an evening edition of Found of Found Art Friday. 

Jeff found it, Melissa captured it
from Nina Katchadourian of Brooklyn

Peachy Keen
A siting by Gary Ghirardi :  "Proof of Terror operating in Las Vegas Mini-bar"

Congratulations to Esquire Anonymous for guessing one of the microbial images and winning a sample of Corral de Tierra Honey:

What do you think?  Send us a guess.
It was quite heartening to the Ranger that last week's display of bruised haunch a la eggplant elicited healing wishes.  Things are getting slowly repaired in there. Various healthcare experts all say different things besides one similar thing, rest.  Now we just have a hematoma on hip worthy of birthing a small creature.  After saying the words epsom salts enough times, you just have to get in it for a long ssoak. 

Well Folks, if these images are "art" then it begs the question, what is Art?  Which no one can answer exactly, so that keeps us in business.  Until we meet again.

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