Friday, October 29, 2010

Found Art Friday Twenty Ate

It's today already?
Here are some worlds and whirls of color from Jim Lindenthal @ Point Lobos on the outskirts of the Big Sur:

And resurfacing yet again, thanks to Bonnie Hotz, is the Saga of the Squashed Abandoned Glove  
Actually now becoming Glove Looking for its Mate,
a friend of Gloves off Work:

And by the way, our dog Bailey is not spoiled or anything

And our twelve yr. old boy is making his own Halloween costume as all the Art Ranger's of the worlds children must:

 Happy Sugar Season to you and your kins.  May the jack - o- lanterns make that warm slightly burnt insides smell for you, and then (quick as a bunny) begin to mold like there's no tomorrow.

Found Art Medical follow-up after last month's stunning collision with bike and dog.  Art Ranger's job security is enhanced by having functional arms and legs.  Thankfully, she's now got 97% of limb back.  From a coke can of blood trapped over hip (words of ortho surgeon) to about a tennis ball's worth.  It no longer feels like there is a water balloon stuck in one side of the pant.  Now to unlimp the limb is to re-align the ligaments and reweave the rib notches, nudging the stretches along each day and remembering to take ten minute breaks to look up at the sky.

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