Friday, October 15, 2010

Found Art Friday 26

Hello Bloggoriffs,
Today's toast to Found Art Friday:
From a friend in Oakland, two collected pieces of what she calls "grafitini"

broken handle of heirloom rolling pin that will get fixed but now reminds us of cuts of meat
You must be feeling pretty good because this tomato is smiling at you.

from Robin Brailsford, deeply in Dulzura, California
who seems to breathe out found art all the time!

While blogging, Art Ranger has often been surprised by how she thinks she knows who might read the blog, but she really has not the vaguest idea and goeth forth anyhow because it is her dutiful duty to do  so and suddenly someone arrives there.  Today we heard from writer, artisan, Bridget Skjordahl all the way in St. Thomas and also all the way from about thirty years ago. 
A mesmerizing moment caught:

Cheers! and have an art full week, or at least eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

ART RANGER needs You!

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