Monday, October 4, 2010

Let it soak

While still immersed in the art of injury repair, the Ranger's range has as of late become a bit curtailed in geographical area. Medical flotsam funnels into Art Point of View at the Department of Homeland Inspiration, which is essential to the hip healing obsession.  Favorably, she has come upon the marvelous phenomenon of the ten minute break (while slightly upsidedown).   Improving indeed.

She has rarely ever really had an excuse to soak before now:

While soaking, or lying around (like a dog), the A Ranger is also trying to stretch like a dog or cat does with an extra spinal re-activation flourish.  She has also taken the time to appreciate the knots in the wood of her "architectural surround":

Speaking of letting it soak.  A sonic experience has been gathered for you:  An internetal accident find - who or how or why it got made out of Louise Bourgeois singing?  Lord knows,  but please, you must go there:

and let it soak
while singing

This sound making reverie (and for certain this artist's life of production) is a different kind of time than our culture tries to allow.  It just so goes against the odds.

In May, we posted a memorial celebration of the sculpture and character of Louise:

Until Friday,
Blogololly Berry

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