Friday, January 7, 2011

Found Art 36

Welcome one and all you blogorific folks to the Department of Homeland Inspiration.
And to the first Found Art Friday of 2011! Believing in a new year kicks us in the pants yet again.
We can and we will and we must. Plus, this is the week that we uncover some chocolate stashed away in strange places that was supposed to go in peoples x-mas stockings.

The Ranger would now like to thank all the FAF participants over the course of 2010 in her blogging journey, which will go into a second year of posts this coming 1/11/11.  So look for the Annual Report next week. Many of the ones who do not call themselves "artists" contributed most notably. Special thanks to a few folks who seemed very prolific, which made for hardly any completely vapid nothingness Fridays. Special shouts out to Jim Lindenthal, Robin Brailesford, Aunt Madge, Bonnie Hotz, Esquire Anonymous. Continue oh please.  Remember those moments when some art or Art has shown up at your door,  to awaken your day or scratch your thinking pad.  Some great person found some underneath a snowy dog bowl.  Another one found it wriggling down a lonely road.  Another one on a handpainted park bench in Venezuela.   Oh yah, the camera/phone is with you often.

Onward Goes the Squashed Abandonned Glove Series, Installment #4 Found by Esquire Anonymous
lost in portland

Mysterious House Guest residing at the Home of Art Ranger today

Ok Robin Brailesford out in Dulzura.  Pretty much every photo every day is awesome
Aunt Madge of the Colorado home town comes through with two:

Ball with dog patina, Ranger offers  "Andy Goldsworthy eat your heart out" says she

Bow Mar Bouys Parked for Winter  (OMG that's where we both grew up and now we're almost a half a century old/young)!

Finally from my somehow cousin, Lori Geisecke who has to do with the grandfather Colorado, Mountainish, Dentistry family connection. She shares this fine newyear's dance (w in which Ranger finds plenty of room for misunderstanding)
from somewhere off the coast of San Francisco.  The whale could be wishing for a handshake regarding the ph balance and sonic activity of the oceans.

Peace to yous.  And lets all get our laundry under control! or train our cats to fold:
(Image from DLC in Pacific Groove)

Have a great week. Goes by in a wink.

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