Friday, January 14, 2011

Found Art Friday 37

Welcome one and all to Found art Friday - why? - because it is:

Two icicle Wind Weavings found by Bonnie Hotz who got to be declared the Happiest person in Squaw Valley
Two from a friend in the Bay area: Grafitini (part of a series) at CCA, San Francisco
and "Ken in the Garden"
 Yellow ribbon signifier? Or did Ken pass over in The Theater of War?

And from Diane Gage:  "This for dinner again?"
 (Please, chef, won't you fashion some warm origami slippers for us instead)?

 Also from Diane, a purveyor of poems:

What If
the animal of life

fell off the ends of the earth?

Well, there's always the plants:  only gone for five days and look what happened!

May you have a fine and regular special week.  Post your findings to:

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