Friday, January 21, 2011

Found Art Friday 38

SPECIAL (BULLET)IN: This week's FAF mailbox received something not to be saved for later, from Rhiana Michelle, who happened to be staying a few blocks away from the Safe(not)way:

A thoughtful image sandwich - a person taking it in, and bringing it out

Okay, now welcome to a new monthly subset of Found Art Friday called Film Art Friday.
Don't get too worried about that word "film" and its short heavy silly history, because we're not in that can of worms anymore: we're in a digital can of worms.  An innundation glut of image worms endlessly reproducing themselves.  This doesn't mean we shouldn't discern some prized moments and seek out whether there could be some art in them.  Fact is, the spontaneity factor of tons of people having phones that can movies make, is worthy of wondering about and still relatively "new".

Par exemplo, during year one at The DHI we received the webcam of Molly the mother owl hatching her babes (which accidently made Ranger want to check her privacy settings) and we received, out of the blue, from folk we knew in the seventies:
I like it silent.
And Gentleman Jeff, with his nice black rectangle captures this:
Of our personal trainer- we aim to be able to flow like that, you see.

And dear Aunt Madge digs and shares this:
How poignant and ironic - How the bulk of us humans could thrive if  just able to have the genuine feeling of  "Independance, cha cha cha"

You'll get the hang of it.  And for some, less technology is a happier place.

Have a really real week.  See you round the corner.

The Art Ranger

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