Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wow, is it Wednesday already?

Welcome to week two of year two @The Department of Homeland Inspiration.

The Art Ranger is continuing her Art on Five Minutes a Day Plan. While often spending more, or less time, depending on her surrounding chaos to calm, must to should, wish to will levels.

As a fan of the Art History movement, DADA, The Ranger must pay her respects and do chance operations art now and then. This helps us to not take our writing or thinking too seriously, because accidents and Truths are stranger than Fictions isms can "rock" or sock it to ya, sometimes more than things we have labored over for days or years.  And they still may distill something of our current conditions:

Gleaned from "Music" Billboard Chart Data juxtaposed with a few photo library magnets 

We are letting you know that this Friday is Found Film Friday:  yes, once a month, a new subset of Found Art Friday, or FAF, shall be the moving images. What used to be "frames per second".  Now what is it?  Any source.  Found, collected, or cobbled together on any equipment.  Nevermind that "film" is not the matter we're using anymore.  Send links to:

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