Friday, September 9, 2011

Found Art Friday 59

Welcome back to Found Art Friday, founded on the wonderment of going about our business and happening upon imagery:
from our beekeeper friend, Susan Needleman: 2 bees, one flower

 Now here are 2 from Bonnie Hotz
Let's hear it for Vegan Taxidermy!
 And look who is walking whom.  (Geez I hope she wont need bunion surgery)
And from Robin Brailsford who accidently found a moviestar  barn owl named Mrs. McGillicutty fallen out of her nest.
Art Ranger is going to quit while she's got something here, as this program is super glitchy today. Things disappear and re-arrange. Have yourselves a good week full of heirloom tomatoes or over-sized zuchini.  
Send the fruits of your labors to


  1. hmmm, I thought I already posted one, but...

    here goes again
    It's good to have faf back! OMG - look at that barn owl's face.

    I'd love to trade tomatillos for heirloom tomatoes if you've got enough. Mine just didn't do well this year.

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