Friday, September 23, 2011

output and input

Welcome back or to and from, The Department of Homeland Inspiration.  Today, the Art Ranger is busy turning a big huge new age and not spending time with her computer or arranging fond Found Art Friday photos.

Today's post shows some of the recent projects from studio where she conducts her practice as a professional artist who specializes in three dimensionality.  Lately she has made some practical things to offset her highly illogical tendencies.

The cast concrete and glass counter top will be a better place to brush your teeth when you come to visit.  And you will be able to see if there are any new gray hairs.  Due to just winging it, this is how many pieces of glass were left when the project was done:
We also made a custom box for beekeeping tools using various tools that were neglected and dusty.

 Our favorite tool is the bee brush.

The handle is made from parts of an old gate, plus a bike handle grip.  All training for the next half century of scavenging.  We will keep you posted about other messes currently under construction that aren't nearly so practical.  See you next week.  We would love to see what you've seen or done:

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