Friday, September 30, 2011

Found Art Friday 61

 Welcome to the Department of Homeland Inspiration.
This week's entries all happen to be from the Art Ranger's locale in Monterey County, California.
Above, a sighting on our way to the Monterey Jazz Festival where we sat on the lawn leaning against a fence and listened to Soul  Rebels and Dumstaphunk and ate chicken on a stick.
Once and a while, one person's series of images takes over the whole Found Art Friday. Such is the case when The Ranger loans her camera to a certain 13 year old Noah Lindenthal on a crowded day at The Aquarium.  If you don't ever share your camera, you can forget that it houses a point of view.  What that person thought looked interesting about the surround as opposed to you. 
He took hundreds, so it was hard to pick a few:

And even through the telescope to find a new planet of otters.  Out of what is right here in front of us. Until next time.  Please send your thoughts and images to:

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  1. I LOVE the B+W + grays, please do tell what it is an image of if you know! Nice Pics Noah - thru the tele, whodathunk it.