Thursday, October 6, 2011

Found Art Friday 62

Welcome to the Department of Homeland Inspiration!
Before we go a blogging, let's thank Steve Jobs right this instant for being so amazing and for innovating the infrastructure for us to even have this dialog around images.
This this week's Found Art Friday is dedicated to trees. Trees gathered from walks.  Since settling in the Salinas, California region approximately five years ago, The Art Ranger has fallen in love with the Oaks of the central coast.

Not just the trees themselves, but their acrobatic understanding of hill terrain, their interaction with mood of sky.

Here, nature gently reminds us who is boss on the passage of time, strong yet flexible the way we aspire to be.

 Wow, and then there is the whole subset of trees with holes in them.

And sometimes even trees with bees in them.

Dear random person of the blogoshpere, if you have any images of interest discovered in nature, out on the street or in a dusty corner that you'd like to share on this blog,
please send your submissions to  We welcome your participation and point of view.
Enjoy the fresh rain soaked colors.

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