Friday, October 14, 2011

Found Art Friday 63

Welcome to Found Art Friday 63.
For this week's images, The Art Ranger notices a cornucopia of animalia, so here is our inquiry:
Why do photos with animals evoke narrative so easily? Whole greeting card companies have sprung up.
It was out in front of the bank in Seaside, where the Art Ranger spotted This Dog on the dashboard of a sunburned maroon Izuzu truck. We knew instantly that her name was Suzy.  She may be tired of her job and her wardrobe, yet she overlooks it and is loyal and virtuous to the end. A wise and potent overseer.
Recyclables Collecting Vehicle in front of a Costco, adorned with taxidermy iguana and can crusher.
The lady at the entrance who checks cards sings and hugs hugs and sings all the live long day in her padded puffy parka.

Mel was a rescued junkyard dog.  His owners were in a vaudeville comedy routine with him every day because they loved his unconventional charm and his backstory.  Plus, he willingly wore Halloween costumes.  Mel was a warm, loving piece of stubborn furniture. Until he wasn't. He went to doggy jail and became Mugshot Mel for biting the mailman's thigh.  Later they found out he had had a stroke and naturally was feeling bothered by nearly everything. Plus, it was still his dang junkyard! RIP Mel.
What goes around comes around? How can pigeons already have evolved such a petroleum based look? Those plasticky feet? The polyurethane eye? Taco shop in Santa Cruz
And two nature evokes narrative photos from Jim Lindenthal in Pacific Grove. Oystercatcher parenting scene. You work hard to get that stuff and hope to god they do something good with it.
A sun salutation? stretch by a young Harbor Seal.  The Ranger enjoys the solid still halfmoon shape hunk in contrast with the light pattern of wavelets in constant motion. You can smell fresh air in this photo.

Enjoy your autumn foods and weather.  Please see what you can see and send it to us:

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