Monday, October 31, 2011


In honor of Halloween, we're going to meditate on the word gross. Don't know about you folks, but it was disappointing around age ten to find out that the word gross had another meaning or two. Bushels of peaches or turnips. A farmers almanac sounding relic. We liked gross for under-the-bandaid, barfy, moldy warty things, with over-sized sticky, icky, slimey parts that are the wrong color - perfect Halloween accessories. Those other grosses just didn't have the punch that the real gross did when it was young and new.   
We did not want to hear about the GROSS domestic product. Or really how much they grossed, because there are too many zeros to keep track of. Boooooooooo0000000000!
You Guessed it! Alan Greenspan guru-not
And hats on to Occupy Wallstreet!  I'm so heartened that the Rage has finally taken hold and hope they have a good sleepingbag. The gutsy activists are pinpointing the GROSS negligence and Obsene Gross Margins that the few did with your toiling hours, all gambling and golfing it off. 
On to simpler gross things such as the gorgeous color palettes of molds and decay around the Ranger's grounds.

Nature takes care of potentially gross things by processing vigorously back into earth while turning many colors, textures and shapes.  Of knowing how to make use of everything it has got. Autumn nutrients.
May your Haloween have just the right amount of  gross, or funny or clever or scary or plastic or elastic or delicious in it. If not, there are always memories of sorting and trading candy on the floor with tired feet and molars packed with tootsie pop mortar.  And feeling gross the next day (possibly crazy too).
By the way, Halloween is expected to gross 6.86 billion this year, consuming second place only to x-mas. Therefore, by gum, it must be a factor in our Gross Domestic Product.

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