Friday, October 21, 2011

Found Art Friday 64

Welcome to The Department of Homeland Inspiration! 
For today's contributions, we have a continuation of tree appreciation. This one from Jim Smith in Torrey Pines (shhhhh) State Park:
Another from Bonnie Hotz of the Central Coast:
"Are those two different sized boobs and the hole is where we make deposits
to the heart?"

Wow - have you made any heart deposits lately?  Or set up your goal posts?
Here is Richard Piscuscas finding some "wildlife" in L.A.
 which flashes back to this hospital waiting area found by Ellis Lindenthal
And do you like where the lichens like to stick?
Okay, one more thank you to Steve Jobs for being visionary.
Praise be the Cut and Paste!
Share your curious shots here:

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