Friday, September 16, 2011

Found Art Friday 60

Welcome to Found Art Friday at the Department of Homeland Inspiration!
Here is an "official" place to notice that "art" can show up almost anywhere.
What if TGIF were Thank Buddha it's Friday? or thank Allah it's Friday, or thank Anarchy it's Friday?
First off, some offerings from our friend from the neighborhood, Maggie, otherwise known as "Aunt Madge". She's made a business of creating bronze bowls that are castings of pregnant bellies:  They also make beautiful Tibetan bowl ish sounds. Plus, she's the funniest person in the world. 
Coy being coy
Speaking of freckles, Art Ranger finds connectivity in Sleeping Pig Butt from county fair where we ate Strawberry Shortcake (and wouldn't that be a great name for a pig?)
Two More from Aunt Madge:

junkyard texture
 It is nice to know when Black and White are all that is necessary to tell all that.

Here are two shots dispatched from Mario Lara in San Diego:  The labels say 9-11

 by chance or by design?  Art Ranger then wonders if we have actually turned a corner or forked the road?
Learn more about Mario's vivid art here:

Enjoy the last official week of summer.  And please do enter the cake walk at the carnival!
(Remember, this is only fun because of you.)  
Next week, Art Ranger will post at 5 a.m. on Friday and begin collecting submissions for the following week.

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